Introduction to Computer Programming (UA-0002.002)
Fall 2013 -- Section 2: Python
Professor: Andrew Case

Midterm1 Study Guide


The topics covered on the exam will include topics discussed in class and reading assignments made up through class #9 (Midterm Review).

No outside materials are allowed on the exam. You will be provided with some Python documentation (subject to updates) for use during the exam.

It may be wise to peruse some midterm1 sample questions to get an idea of the test format and some sample problems.

Midterm List of Topics

This is NOT an exhaustive list. Please refer to the class reading assignments.


Suggested Programming Exercises


Programming Basics

    Computer overview
        - Hardware/Software
        - Programs
    Programming Intro
        - High/Low Level Languages
        - Anatomy of a Program
        - Natural Languages vs. Programming Languages
        - Coding Style
        - Algorithms
        - Pseudo-Code
        - Program design pattern (Writing a program)
    Programming Concepts
        - Keywords
        - Statements
        - Data Types
            + Strings, ints, floats
        - Operators
            + Order of precedence
        - Comments
        - Variables/Constants
            + Assignment
            + Naming (including coding style)
        - Data Input
        - Type Conversion
        - Data Output
            + Strings, ints, floats
        - Modules
            + math module
    Coding Style
        - comments, naming, consistency, hardcoding, 

Flow Control

    Boolean Logic
        - Literals, variables, expressions
        - Boolean Data Type
        - Comparision Operators
        - Boolean Logic Operators
            + not, and, or
            + Truth tables
            + order of operator precedence
            + short circuit evaluation
        - Converting base 10 to base 2
    Control Structures
        - if, if-else, if-elif-else
        - Nested if constructs


        - Why functions
        - Function declarations/definition
            + name
            + parameters
                - required/optional
            + code
            + return value
        - Function calls (calling functions)
            + program design
            + paramaters
                - using order
                - using keywords
        - Variable scope
            + global variables
            + local variables

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