Introduction to Computers and Programming
Fall 2010 -- Section 7: Python
Instructor: Andrew Case

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Class information:
  Time/Place: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30PM - 4:45PM WWH 109

    Rescheduled for:  Thurs. 12/16 1:30PM - 3:20PM (in Warren Weaver Hall #102!)
If you are unable to make this new exam time or would simply rather not take the exam during this time, please see/email the instructor ASAP to discuss alternatives.
Elementary introduction to programming. The characteristics of computers are discussed and students design, code, and debug programs using a high level programming language.
Topics Covered:
  Intro to computers and programming
  Basic data types
  Variables and operations
  Control structures
  Repetition (recursion, etc.)
  Methods (functions)
  Libraries (modules)
  Data structures (lists,sets,etc.) 
  Other topics time permiting
Required Text:
  Visual Quickstart Guide to Python - Tony Donaldson
  Peachpit Press, 2009
  ISBN-10: 0321585445
  ISBN-13: 978-0321585448

Additional Texts (Optional):
  Many online books through Bobst
  How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey, and Chris Meyers
  Python (see additional Resources)
  Late policy: Assignments can be turned in up to 2 days late for a 10% deduction per day late.

  Absences from exams (midterms included) will not be allowed to make up the exam without an authenticated valid written excuse.

  Assignments: 25%
  Midterm 1:   20%
  Midterm 2:   20%
  Final Exam:  35%
All students must read and agree to the Statement of Academic Integrity.  If you do not, please see me.

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