Introduction to Computers and Programming
Fall 2010 -- Section 7: Python
Instructor: Andrew Case

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Assignments will be issued approximately 1/week throughout the semester and are due at midnight of the date listed below.

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Late policy: Assignments can be turned in up to 2 days late for a 10% deduction per day late.

AssignmentDue DateSolution
Assignment0Thursday 9/16/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment1Thursday 9/23/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment2Thursday 9/30/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment3Thursday 10/07/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment4Thursday 10/21/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment5Thursday 10/28/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment6Tuesday 11/09/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment7Tuesday 11/16/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment8Tuesday 12/07/2010 MidnightSolution
Assignment9 (Optional - No late submission)Tuesday 12/14/2010 by the start of classSolution

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