Class MeetingsWed 5:10-7pm in CIWW 109
RecitationsThu 6:10-7pm in CIWW 109
First LectureSep 5, 2018
Last LectureDec 12, 2018
InstructorThomas Wies
Office60FA 403
Office HoursWed 4:00-5:00pm, or by appointment


Design and use of mainstream programming languages: naming, scoping, type models, control structures, procedural abstractions, modularization. Implementation issues and runtime organization. We will study languages such as C, C++, Java, Scala, Scheme, and ML. The course work includes extensive programming exercises in various languages.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in data structures and algorithms or equivalent, as well as familiarity and programming experience in a high-level language like C, C++, Java, or a similar language.


Throughout the semester, we will investigate the following topics in detail among others:

  • Syntax
  • Names, Scopes, and Bindings
  • Control Flow
  • Subprograms and Control Abstraction
  • Functional Programming
  • Types
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Generic Programming
  • Exceptions
  • Concurrency



We will use Piazza for course-related discussions and announcements. I encourage you to ask questions when you are struggling to understand a concept - you can even do so anonymously.


Homework assignments (30%), midterm exam (30%), final exam (40%).

Late Submission Policy

Late submissions of homework solutions and projects will be graded with a 10% penalty per day of late submission. Solutions will not be graded if they are submitted later than one week after the specified deadline.

Academic Integrity

Please review the departmental academic integrity policy. In this course, you may discuss assignments with other students, but the work you turn in must be your own. Do not copy another student's work. You must do the projects as a group but not with other groups and without consulting previous years' students, code, etc. You should help other students and groups on specific technical issues but you must acknowledge such interactions. Copying code or other work without giving appropriate acknowledgment is a serious offense with consequences ranging from no credit to potential expulsion.

Recommended Textbooks

There will be no required textbook for this course. However, the following textbooks are recommended for further study:


The syllabus will be posted soon.