The Faculty and Their Interests


Marsha Berger

Computational fluid dynamics, adaptive methods, and parallel scientific computing.

Richard Bonneau

Algorithms for learning regulatory networks/biological control, computational structural biology, and systems-biology.

Joan Bruna

Machine learning, high-dimensional statistics, signal processing

Kyunghyun Cho

Machine learning, natural languages, machine translation, artificial intelligence

Richard J. Cole

Algorithmics, algorithmic economics and game theory, algorithms in nature and society.

Patrick M. Cousot

Abstract interpretation, semantics, verification, and static analysis.

Ernest Davis

Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, and automated commonsense reasoning.

Yevgeniy Dodis

Cryptography, security, information theory, complexity theory, algorithms.

Rob Fergus

Computer vision and computational photography.

Davi Geiger

Computer Vision and Learning, with recent interest in the use of Group and Quantum methods.

Benjamin Goldberg

Design and implementation of programming languages, compiler verification, and compiler optimizations.

Allan Gottlieb

Parallel computing, computer architecture, operating systems, distributed systems, and free software.

Ralph Grishman

Natural language processing.

Zvi Kedem

Algorithmic techniques for designing computer-based systems.

Subhash Khot

Algorithms, computational complexity, and computational intractability.

Yann Andre LeCun

Machine learning, computer vision, autonomous robotics, computational neuroscience, computational statistics, computational economics, hardware architectures for vision, digital libraries, and data compression.

Jinyang Li

Distributed systems, operating systems, wireless networks.

Bhubaneswar Mishra

Bioinformatics, algorithmic algebra, robotics, computational biology, and computational finance.

Mehryar Mohri

Machine learning, computational biology, text and speech processing, algorithms, and theory.

Michael Overton

Numerical analysis, linear algebra, optimization, and mathematical programming.

Daniele Panozzo

Geometry Processing, Computer Graphics and Digital Fabrication

Kenneth Perlin

Computer graphics, simulation, computer/human interface, multimedia, and animation.

Theodore (Ted) S. Rappaport

Wireless communication systems and networks, compressed sensing for wireless and video applications, RF/Analog circuit design, antennas and propagation, wireless for medical applications.

Oded Regev

Lattice-based cryptography, quantum computation, and mathematical aspects of theoretical computer science.

Dennis E. Shasha

Network inference and protein design for biology, software for searching databases of trees and graphs, outsourcing data while preserving privacy, finding patterns in time series, DNA computing, and puzzles.

Victor J. Shoup

Cryptography and algorithms.

Alan R. Siegel

VLSI design, analysis of algorithms, lower bounds, parallel algorithms, probability, and combinatorial geometry.

Joel Spencer

Theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics.

Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

Networks, distributed systems, computing for development .

Michael Walfish

Systems, security, and networks.

Thomas Wies

Program analysis and verification; automated deduction; concurrent software; software productivity

Margaret Wright

Optimization, scientific computing, and linear algebra.

Chee Yap

Computational geometry, computer algebra, visualization, algorithmic robotics, complexity theory, and numerical robustness issues and exact computation.

Denis Zorin

Computer graphics, geometric modeling, subdivision surfaces, multiresolution surface representations, fluid and solid simulation, and perceptually based methods for computer graphics.

Research Faculty

Satoshi Sekine

Natural language processing, synctactic analysis, and information extraction.

Clinical Faculty

Anasse Bari

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Biologically Inspired Knowledge Discovery, and Data Science

Suzanne McIntosh

Big Data Analytics, Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing, Security and Privacy, Virtualization, Embedded Realtime Systems

Adam Meyers

Natural Language Processing, Linguistics, Pre-college Computer Science Education.

Mohamed Zahran

Parallel computing, hardware/software interaction, and computer architecture.