The Faculty and Their Interests



Clark Barrett

Propositional satisfiability (SAT), satisfiability modulo theories (SMT), automated deduction and applied logic, proof-producing algorithms, formal and semi-formal verification of hardware and software, and combining verification systems.

Marsha J. Berger

Computational fluid dynamics, adaptive methods, and parallel scientific computing.

Richard Bonneau

Algorithms for learning regulatory networks/biological control, computational structural biology, and systems-biology.

Christoph Bregler

Graphics, computer vision, animation, visualization, and modeling.

Richard J. Cole

Algorithmics, algorithmic economics and game theory, and algorithms in nature and society.

Patrick Cousot

Abstract interpretation, semantics, verifcation, and static analysis.

Ernest Davis

Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, and automated commonsense reasoning.

Yevgeniy Dodis

Cryptography, approximation algorithms, information theory, lower bounds, and combinatorics.

Rob Fergus

Computer vision and computational photography.

Davi Geiger

Computational vision, learning, memory, and applications.

Benjamin F. Goldberg

Design and implementation of programming languages, compiler optimizations, and memory management.

Allan Gottlieb

Parallel computing, computer architecture, operating systems, distributed systems, and free software.

Robert Grimm

Operating systems, distributed systems, and interaction of programming languages and systems.

Ralph Grishman

Natural language processing.

Zvi M. Kedem

Algorithmic techniques for designing computer-based systems.

Subhash Khot

Algorithms, computational complexity, and computational intractability.

Yann LeCun

Machine learning, computer vision, autonomous robotics, digital libraries, and data compression.

Jinyang Li

Operating systems, distributed systems, informational retrieval, and wireless networks.

Bhubaneswar Mishra

Bioinformatics, algorithmic algebra, robotics, computational biology, and computational finance.

Mehryar Mohri

Machine learning, computational biology, text and speech processing, algorithms, and theory.

Michael L. Overton

Numerical analysis, linear algebra, optimization, and mathematical programming.

Kenneth Perlin

Computer graphics, simulation, computer/human interface, multimedia, and animation.

Dennis E. Shasha

Pattern discovery and combinatorial design for biology, software for searching databases of trees and graphs, design of large database systems, data mining in financial and biological databases, cryptographic file systems, puzzles, and recreational mathematicals.

Victor Shoup

Cryptography and algorithms.

Alan R. Siegel

VLSI design, analysis of algorithms, lower bounds, parallel algorithms, probability, and combinatorial geometry.

Olga Sorkine

Computer graphics, geometric modeling, interactive shape and image manipulation, digital geometry processing, and expressive modeling.

Joel H. Spencer

Theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics.

Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

Networks, distributed systems, security, overlay networks, wireless networks, and computer science technologies for health care with specific emphasis on developing countries.

Margaret H. Wright

Optimization, scientific computing, and linear algebra.

Chee K. Yap

Computational geometry, computer algebra, visualization, algorithmic robotics, complexity theory, and numerical robustness issues and exact computation.

Mohamed Zahran

Hardware/software interaction, multicore/manycore processing, and computer architecture

Denis Zorin

Computer graphics, geometric modeling, subdivision surfaces, multiresolution surface representations, fluid and solid simulation, and perceptually based methods for computer graphics.


Research Faculty

Adam Meyers

Natural Language Processing, Linguistics.

Naomi Sager

Natural language processing, science information structures, medical informatics, and speech recognition.

Satoshi Sekine

Natural language processing, synctactic analysis, and information extraction.


Associated Faculty

Leslie Greengard

Scientific computing, fast algorithms and potential theory.

Helen Nissenbaum

Social and political aspects of computing, values in IT design, and privacy.

Richard Pollack

Discrete geometry, computational geometry, and algorithmic real algebraic geometry.

Tamar Schlick

Mathematical biology, numerical analysis, and computational chemistry.

Anna-Karin Tornberg

Numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and moving boundary problems.

Olof B. Widlund

Numerical analysis and applied mathematics, in particular the development of fast iterative methods for parallel and distributed computers.