Degeneracy Proof Predicates for the Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram
Candidate: Millman David
Advisor: Chee Yap


This thesis focuses on the Additively Weighted Voronoi diagram. It begins by presenting the history of the diagram and some of the early algorithms used for its generation [OBSC00, Aur91]. The paper then addresses the more recent incremental approach to calculating the diagram, as seen in the 2D Apollonius Graphs (Delaunay Graphs of Disks) package of CGAL [KY06]. Next, the algorithm of Boissonnat et al. [BD05] for calculating Convex Hulls is presented. We then apply the predicates presented by Bossonnat to the CGAL implementation of the AW-Voronoi diagram, and the results are discussed. The main contribution of this paper results in predicates of the AW-Voronoi diagram, with a lower algebraic degree which also handle degeneracies in such a way as to produce a conical result.