STUMP: Stereo Correspondence in the Cyclopean Eye under Belief Propagation
Candidate: Distler George
Advisor: Geiger Davi


The human visual system sees at any moment a static scene in three dimensions. This 3D view of the world is acquired by two images, one from the left eye and the other by the right eye. Fusing the left and right stereo pair of images yields a single cyclopean view portraying depth. Stereo vision can be applied to the field of computer vision via calibrated stereo cameras to capture the left and right images. Given a stereo pair of images, one can compute the field of depth via a stereo correspondence algorithm. We present a new approach to computing the disparity (depth) by means the STUMP algorithm.

The STUMP algorithm presents a solution to the stereo correspondence problem. We propose to solve the problem of discontinuities in disparity within epipolar lines by modeling geometric constraints of smooth, tilted, and occluded surfaces as well as unicity and opaqueness. Our algorithm runs upon a framework built upon the BP-TwoGraphs belief propagation estimation [17]. As a result, we provide a disparity map in the cyclopean coordinate system determined by a probability distribution computed in polynomial time.