Computer Science Committees

Courant Institute Staff

* All e-mail addresses are

Name Email* Phone Office
Michael L. Overton
overton 8-3121 302 WWH
Ernest Davis
Deputy Chair
davise 8-3123 329 WWH
Margaret H. Wright
Director of Graduate Studies - Ph.D. Program
mhw 8-3056 430 WWH
Benjamin F. Goldberg
Director of Graduate Studies - M.S. Programs
goldberg 8-3495 401 WWH
Jean-Claude Franchitti
Associate Director of Graduate Studies for the CS Master's program in Information Systems
jcf 8-3064 309 WWH
Victor Shoup
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Shoup 8-3511 418 WWH
Deena Engel
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies for the CS Minors programs
deena 8-3131 422 WWH
Evan Korth
Faculty Liaison for Technology Entrepreneurship
korth 8-3301 319 WWH
Rosemary Amico
Assistant Director, Computer Science
amico 8-3068 307 WWH
Santiago Pizzini
Program Administrator - Ph.D. Program
pizzini 8-3461 325 WWH
Jennifer Conlan Darlington
Program Administrator - M.S. Programs
conlan 8-3064 324 WWH
Kathryn Hughes
Program Administrator - Graduate Programs
hughes 8-3061 326 WWH
Romeo Kumar
Program Administrator - Undergraduate Division
kumar 8-3094 323 WWH
Jen Rose Alexander
Administrative Aide II
jenrose 8-3113 305 WWH
Stephanie Tracy
Administrative Aide II
stephanie 8-3103 304 WWH

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