Click on image to go directly to Foveation Demo.
More details in Wavelet Foveation page.
This demo allows a user to visualize arbitrarily large raster images on the web. The server is located at our machines, but you need the client program (solaris and SGI platforms, with a version for windows) from us. Please contact us. More information about this project is found here.
→ Feb 2003: A short write-up about our this research appeared MIT's Technology Review Magazine, Vol.106, No.1, p.17.
G-Vis Map Server Demo. Welcome to the ** first ** map server on the web that supports a continuously zoomed and panned map of the Whole (Contiguous) USA. The scale ranges from 2400 Km/inch (whole map) to 250 m/inch (street level detail). This is a scale factor of almost 10,000, but our zooming "telewindows" interface easily handles this range. Click on image to go directly to the G-Vis Map Server Demo, or for more details in our GIS-on-the-Web Page
→ Jun 2004: You can also try a different G-Vis server at Yeshiva University, based on a simplified window interface. It also has automatic labels.
→ Jun 2002: each Telewin now has a list of all the geographical features (streets, landmarks) that are visible in the Telewin. Clicking any name will highlight the feature.
→ Sep 2001: you can now personalize the map by bookmarking any location (e.g., "My Home"). This information persists across sessions.
Click on image to go directly to Point Location Demo.
→ Implementation of point location in a monotone subdivision, based on a new data structure (B-Lists) which is seen as a practical approach to fractional cascading.