Richard Cole
Algorithmics, algorithmic economics and game theory, algorithms in nature and society

Yevgeniy Dodis Cryptography, security,
information theory, complexity theory,

Subhash Khot
computational complexity,
and computational intractability.

Mehryar Mohri
Machine learning, computational biology,
text and speech processing, algorithms,
and theory.

Oded Regev
Lattice-based cryptography, quantum computation, and mathematical aspects of theoretical computer science.

Victor Shoup
Cryptography and algorithms.

Alan Siegel
VLSI design, analysis of algorithms, lower bounds, parallel algorithms, probability, and combinatorial geometry.

Joel Spencer
Theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics.

Chee Yap
Computational geometry, computer algebra,
visualization, algorithmic robotics,
complexity theory, and
numerical robustness issues and exact computation.

Faculty with interest in Theory

Boris Aronov (Tandon)
Computational and Combinatorial Geometry, Algorithms

Arash Asadpour (Stern School of Business)
Methodologies of optimization and their
applications in business analytics

Lisa Hellerstein (Tandon)
Computational Learning Theory, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Complexity Theory, and Discrete Mathematics

John Iacono (Tandon)
Data Structures, Computational Geometry, Algorithms

Eyal Lubetzky
Probability Theory and Combinatorics

Christopher Musco (Tandon)
Theory of Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Sketching and Streaming

Jiawei Zhang (Stern School of Business)
Business analytics and optimization