Yaron Sella
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fairplay -- A Secure Two-Party Computation System

Advances in modern cryptography coupled with rapid growth in processing
and communication speeds make secure two-party computation a realistic
paradigm. Yet, thus far, interest in this paradigm has remained mostly

The talk introduces Fairplay, a full-fledged system that implements
generic secure function evaluation (SFE). Fairplay comprises of a high
level procedural definition language called SFDL tailored to the SFE
paradigm; a compiler of SFDL into a one-pass Boolean circuit presented in
a language called SHDL; and Bob/Alice programs that evaluate the SHDL
circuit in the manner suggested by Yao in \cite{YAO86}.

This system enables us to present the first evaluation of an overall SFE
in real settings, as well as examining its components and identifying
potential bottlenecks. It provides a test-bed of ideas and enhancements
concerning SFE, whether by replacing parts of it, or by integrating with
it. We exemplify its utility by examining several alternative
implementations of {\em oblivious transfer\/} within the system, and
reporting on their effect on overall performance.

Joint work with Dahlia Malkhi, Noam Nisan and Benny Pinkas.