Honors Algebra II. MATH-UA.0349-001 Spring 2019


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Prof. Joel Spencer
wwh 829; x83219; {lowercaselastname}@cims.nyu.edu

Calling is not encouraged. Emailing is. Especially for those "stupid" questions (which frequently are anything but) to clarify something. Replies are often very quick -- but no promises!

When and Where

Monday and Wednesday, 11:00-12:15. Place TBA


More later


Send me an email: {lowercaselastname}@cims.nyu.edu


There will be an assignment each week, due in the recitation section. Normally the assignments will be posted on Monday. For those who would like a taste of the course, I post the first assignment early.

Assignment 1, NOT TO BE SUBMITTED! postscript LaTeX pdf


Solutions to assignments will be posted here.

Galois Notes

In the later part of the course special notes for Galois Theory will be posted here.


There will be a midterm, in class.

Final Exam

To be announced

Extra Stuff

Extra material will be posted here.