This is the documentation for, a system architecture for pervasive computing.


one.eval This package defines all classes for eval, a simple and extensible interpreter which evaluates s-expressions, as well as for a Scheme implementation within this interpreter.
one.fonda This package provides a framework for regression testing and benchmarking. This package contains vanilla Java benchmarks for comparison with benchmarks.
one.gui This package implements utilitiy functionality for building GUI-based applications in
one.math This package defines a class for performing arbitrary-precision arithmetic on rational numbers. This package implements support for the interaction between and Internet protocols. This package implements a HTTP server using the various supplied features and primitives. This package implements the applications, including the emcee for managing users and their applications and chat for text and audio messaging. This package implements tools to help develop code for This package implements simple toy applications that illustrate various features of
one.util This package defines various utility interfaces and classes. This package defines the main class for and the root shell. This package defines support for binding resources and keeping them bound through leases. This package defines the core interfaces and classes for This package defines tuples representing common data items. This package defines the events used to interact with environments. This package defines support for structured I/O. This package implements remote event passing (REP). This package defines support for transactions. This package defines utility interfaces and classes that are specific to's data and execution models.


This is the documentation for, a system architecture for pervasive computing. The Java packages for are organized as follows:

A fully functional binary distribution of only needs to include all packages starting with as well as the and one.util packages. We recommend that one.gui is also distributed as part of the core, but it need not be. All classes in the core architecture that implement regression tests and benchmarks can also be omitted from such a binary distribution; by convention, the names of classes implementing regression tests start with "Test" and the names of classes implementing benchmarks start with "Benchmark".

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