This package defines the core interfaces and classes for


Interface Summary
Animator The definition of an animator.
EventHandler Definition of an event handler.
MovingProtocol Definition of the environment moving protocol.
QueuedEventHandler Definition of a queued event handler.
Wrapper The definition of a wrapper.

Class Summary
Animator.Controller Implementation of a controller.
Box Implementation of a box.
CheckPoint Implementation of a check-point.
Component The superclass of all components.
Component.HandlerReference The record for an exported handler that is linked to an imported event handler.
ComponentDescriptor Implementation of a component descriptor.
ConcurrencyDomain Implementation of a concurrency domain.
Descriptor The superclass of all descriptors.
Domain The superclass of all domains.
DynamicTuple Implementation of a dynamically typed tuple.
Environment Implementation of an environment.
Environment.Descriptor Implementation of an environment descriptor.
Event The superclass of all events.
EventHandlerDescriptor The base class of event handler descriptors.
EventLoop Implementation of an event loop.
ExceptionalEvent Implementation of an exceptional event.
ExportedDescriptor Implementation of an exported event handler descriptor.
ImportedDescriptor Implementation of an imported event handler descriptor.
NestedConcurrencyDomain Implementation of a nested concurrency domain.
ProtectionDomain Implementation of a protection domain.
RequestManager Implementation of the root request manager.
SymbolicHandler The superclass of all symbolic event handlers.
SystemPermission Implementation of a system permission.
TestAnimator Implementation of regression tests on animators.
TestDynamicTuple Implementation of regression tests on dynamically typed tuples.
TestEnvironment Implementation of regression tests on environments.
TestEnvironment.Comp A test component.
TestTuple Implementation of regression tests on statically typed tuples.
TestWrapper Implementation of regression tests on event wrapping.
TestWrapper.Comp A test component.
ThreadPool Implementation of a thread pool.
Tuple Abstract base class for tuples.
Type Implementation of a type.

Exception Summary
EventDeliveryException Implementation of an event delivery exception.
InvalidTupleException Implementation of an invalid tuple exception.
LinkingException Implementation of a linking exception.
MalformedTupleException Implementation of a malformed tuple exception.
NoBufferSpaceException Implementation of a no buffer space exception.
NotActiveException Implementation of a not active exception.
NotLinkedException Implementation of a not linked exception.
TupleException Implementation of a tuple exception.
UnknownEventException Implementation of an unknown event exception.

Package Description

This package defines the core interfaces and classes for In particular, it defines the data model, centered around the Tuple abstract base class, the asynchronous event model, centered around the EventHandler interface, and the service model, centered around the Component abstract base class.

To provide additional documentation for components that is discoverable by automated tools, components are described by component descriptors. The component descriptor for a component and the event handler descriptors for the event handlers it imports and exports are accessible through the Component base class and thus always available.

(C) Copyright 2001 UW CSE