Interface EventHandler

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SymbolicHandler, AbstractHandler, TestNetworkIO, TestDatagramIO, TestPendingInputRequests, Minimum

public interface EventHandler

Definition of an event handler. Event handlers process events. Implementation of this interface are typically provided by components, which export some appropriate event handler.

Every event handler must accept all events of type ExceptionalEvent and implement some reasonable default response for arbitrary exceptional conditions. Additionally, some types of throwables may have special significance, because they convey specific exceptional conditions. Implementors of this interface are strongly encouraged to document these throwables in the corresponding event handler descriptor.

Events are passed by value. When calling an event handler, the caller should create a new event. After passing the event to the handler, the caller should release all references to the event and the objects it points to, unless the objects are immutable.

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See Also:
Component, EventHandlerDescriptor

Method Summary
 void handle(Event event)
          Handle the specified event.

Method Detail


public void handle(Event event)
Handle the specified event.
event - The event to handle.

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