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Events between NetworkManager and QueryManager




Sent when a client requests to logon. The event contains heuristics information about the client. The QueryManager responds with a LoginAccepted, or LoginRejected response.


RequestReference --

Sent from the NetworkManager to request the RemoteReference from the QueryManager, so it can send login requests



Sent from the QueryManager to the NetworkManager, saying that login is ok, as well as passing a RemoteReference to the QueryManager remote interface.


LoginRejected --

Sent from the QueryManager in response to a LoginRequest saying that it can't handle the client specified.


MasterBrowserAdded --

Sent when a MasterBrowser is added. The QueryManager should dispatch its file lists as appropriate

MasterBrowserRemoved --

Sent when a MasterBrowser is removed (either by timing out or logging out)

ChildRemoved --


This message occurs when a child node is removed either by timing out or logging out voluntarily. QueryManager should remove its file lists from its own file list.


*** QueryManager to QueryManager ***


The QueryManager will be responsible for dispatching events that propogate FileLists to higher MasterBrowsers, handling queries, etc