[SMT-LIB] Announcing the Launch of SMT-EXEC

Morgan Deters mdeters at cse.wustl.edu
Tue Jan 29 17:42:58 EST 2008

Announcing the Launch of SMT-EXEC

SMT-EXEC is a solver execution service provided by the SMT-LIB
initiative for the benefit of the SMT community.  Using the
computational hardware from SMT-COMP'07 and a similar interface,
SMT-EXEC permits members of the SMT community:

* to upload new solvers and new revisions of solvers;
* to run highly-configurable experiments over available solvers and
  SMT-LIB benchmarks; and
* to view the results of these experiments as they are collected.

Experiments and uploaded solvers may be kept private to a user
account, or "published" to the website so that they may be viewed and
used by all SMT community members.

The SMT-EXEC service is available at:  http://www.smtexec.org/

To create an account:  http://www.smtexec.org/exec/createAccount.php

It is our hope that SMT-EXEC will be a useful tool for the SMT
research community and future SMT-COMP participants.

We thank the National Science Foundation for support of this project.

Morgan Deters and Aaron Stump, with thanks also to Clark Barrett and
Albert Oliveras.

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