[SMT-COMP] Contribution of QF_FPBV and QF_FPABV benchmarks

Christoph Wintersteiger cwinter at microsoft.com
Fri Apr 21 11:06:19 EDT 2017

Hi Dan,

Space is free, submit them all! If it turns out there are too many of them, we can let others (e.g. the competition organizers) do the sub-sampling themselves and by their own criteria. 

In other parts of the library it turned out that we had a bunch of duplicates with different file names (e.g. QF_BV/sage2 if I remember correctly). If there's an easy way for you to filter those, that would be nice. 


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On 23 March 2017 at 21:52, Clark Barrett <barrett at cs.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Let me try to answer your questions.
> * Do I need to curate these benchmarks in some way. If so what 
> criteria should I use? E.g. Should I pick the longest running? I have 
> quite a few benchmarks (~ 8000) so having that many might not be 
> desirable.
> This is really up to you, but generally my hope would be a set of 
> benchmarks that does a good job of representing all the diversity of 
> the entire set of benchmarks.  If this means you can prune some, 
> great.  But you should be sure to include representatives from 
> different difficulty levels, different sizes, different statuses, different applications etc.

I've now collected my initial queries from my tool (removing uses of `fp.to_ieee_bv`). The numbers are

QF_FPBV: 18110
QF_FPABV: 19041

This is rather a lot of queries.  My plan is to compute several different distributions (e.g. distribution of execution times) and semi-randomly sample from them to reduce the number. To do this I need to know roughly how many queries I should be submitting. Any opinions on this?


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