FOM server - move to Gent from NYU planned

Samuel Buss sbuss at
Mon Mar 13 15:05:09 EDT 2023

Dear FOM subscribers,

The FOM mailing list will soon move to be hosted by the University of Gent,
under the sponsorship of Andreas Weiermann.  We would like to take the
opportunity to thank NYU for hosting FOM for many years.

Current subscribers will be transferred automatically to the Gent servers,
preserving options such as whether your emails are in digest mode or are
sent immediately upon acceptance. So no action is needed on your part.

The changeover is planned for later this week. When it happens there will
be an email from the Gent server informing you that you have been
subscribed to the mailing list.  You have the option of logging into the
Gent server to customize you account, but this is not necessary to continue
using FOM.

More information will be sent in a couple of days, including a new email
address to use for postings.  There should be no disruption in posting or
receiving email, although there may be some delays in the moderation

Thank you, Sam Buss (FOM moderator)
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