AAL info UQ Philosophy Seminar: next talk by Patrick Girard (Friday 17 March, Zoom)

Guillermo Badia guillebadia89 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 04:33:17 EST 2023

The Philosophy Seminar of the University of Queensland is pleased to
have a  Zoom  talk by Dr Patrick Girard  (Auckland) on 17 March at
14:00 PM (Brisbane local time). Everyone is welcome to join! If you’re
interested, please contact Dr Guillermo Badia (g.badia at uq.edu.au) for
the Zoom link. The details of the talk can be found below.

Title: Against Classical Paraconsistent Metatheory

Abstract:  There was a time when `logic' just meant classical logic.
The climate is slowly changing and non-classical logic cannot be
dismissed off-hand. However, a metatheory used to study the properties
of non-classical logic is often classical. I will argue that this
practice of relying on classical metatheories is problematic. In
particular, it is a bad practice because the metatheory that is used
to study a non-classical logic often rules out the very logic it is
designed to study. Joint work with Koji Tanaka.

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