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Logic, philosophy of science, and global challenges

Call for abstracts and call for symposium proposals

The Triennial international conference of the Italian Society for Logic and
the Philosophy of Science will be held at the Department of Pure and
Applied Sciences of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, 4-7 September 2023,
Palazzo Albani, (floor D) Via Timoteo Viti n. 10, Urbino (PU), Italy.

Confirmed Invited speakers:

Zoé Christoff (University of Groningen)

Roman Frigg (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Stephan Hartmann (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)

James A. C. Ladyman (University of Bristol)

Achille Varzi (Columbia University)

Barbara Webb (University of Edinburgh)

The invited speakers will address issues regarding global challenges such
as Democracy, Information and Misinformation, Sustainability, Artificial
Intelligence, Critical Thinking, and Robotics.

We invite submissions in every area of logic and the philosophy of science,
and especially, but not exclusively, in the following areas:

Classical and Non-Classical Logics

Computational Logic and Applications

Foundations of Classical and Quantum Computation

Foundations of Mathematics

Formal Methods in Philosophy of Science and Formal Epistemology

General Philosophy of Science

History of Logic

Historical Issues in the Philosophy of Science

Metaphysical Issues in the Philosophy of Science

Methodology in the Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences

Philosophy of the Life Sciences

Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

Philosophy of Medicine

Philosophy of Physics

Philosophy of Robotics

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Philosophy of the Social, Behavioral and Psychological Sciences

Philosophy of Technology

We invite submissions of abstracts and symposia, and we encourage
applicants to consider - if possible - the topic of global challenges in
their abstracts and symposia.

Each single contribution will have 30 minutes available, including 5
minutes for the discussion.

Potential contributors should submit their contributions at: <> including a title, 3 keywords and an
abstract of max 1.000 words (including references).

Symposia will run in parallel to the program of SILFS 2023 and are part of
the conference programme. They will be assigned a full two-hour session
(3-4 speakers) or half a day (6-7 speakers).

Proposals for contributed symposia should be submitted at: <>. The proposal must include:


   the names and email of the affiliated symposium organizers and speakers;

   a title and 1-2 page description of the purpose and scope of the

   three keywords;

   short abstracts of the planned interventions (max 300 words each)

Submission deadline: Monday 1 May 2023

Accept/Reject Notification: Saturday 1 July 2023

The official language of the conference is English.

For further info visit URL: <

or contact Pierluigi Graziani <pierluigi.graziani at>.

Scientific committee:

SILFS Council: Vincenzo Fano, Marta Bertolaso, Francesco Bianchini, Stefano
Bonzio, Gustavo Cevolani,

Luisa Damiano, Edoardo Datteri, Sara Dellantonio, Pierluigi Graziani,
Emiliano Ippoliti, Gabriele Pulcini, Giuseppe Sergioli.

Local Organizing Committee:

Mario Alai, Adriano Angelucci, Matteo Bedetti, Enrico Cinti, Andrea
Esposito, Vincenzo Fano, Ludovico Fusco, Pierluigi Graziani,

Giovanni Macchia, Davide Pietrini, Marco Sanchioni, Mirko Tagliaferri, Gino
Tarozzi, Isabella Tassani.
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