LUW Feb 15 - Lindenbaum-type Logical Structures by Sayantan Roy

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The next session of the Logica Universalis Webinar will be Wednesday
February 15, at 4pm CET.
It will take place during the São Paulo School of Advanced Science on
Contemporary Logic, Rationality, and Information
that will be presented by its organizers Itala D’Ottaviano and Walter

Speaker: Sayantan Roy, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,
Title: Lindenbaum-type Logical Structures
Abstract: In this talk, we present some classes of logical structures
from the universal logic standpoint, viz., those of the Tarski- and the
Lindenbaum-types. The characterization theorems for the Tarski- and
two of the four different Lindenbaum-type logical structures have been
proved as well. The separations between the five classes of logical
viz., the four Lindenbaum-types and the Tarski-type have been
established via examples. Finally, we study the logical structures that
are of both Tarski- and a Lindenbaum-type, show their separations, and
end with characterization, adequacy, minimality, and representation theorems
for one of the Tarski-Lindenbaum-type logical structures.

Associate organization : Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,
New Delhi, India
presented by Sankha S Basu

Chair: Raja Natarajan
Editorial Board LU

Everybody is welcome to join, register here:
Jean-Yves Beziau
Organizer of LUW and Editor-in-Chief of Logica Universalis
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