Paraconsistent Newsletter Summer-Winter 2022

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Sun Sep 4 17:08:32 EDT 2022

Just released the latest edition of the paraconsistent newsletter with
- publications  about paraconsistent logic, including a special issue of
the South American journal of Logic for the 100 years of Francisco Miró
Quesada, the Peruvian philosopher who coined the expression "Paraconsistent
logic" (edited by Luis Felipe Bartolo Alegre and José Carlos Cifuentes)
- videos of interest for paraconsistentists
- an interview with a paraconsistent logician, presently Itala D'Ottaviano
- forthcoming events of interest for paraconsistentists (The WCP6 is
starting this week in Torun, Poland)
And a session  GRANTS
- with 100 grants for undergraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral
fellows from all over the world to go to the São Paulo School of
Advanced Science in Contemporary Logic, Rationality and Information (in
honor of Newton da Costa 90th birthday) to take place February 6-17,  2023
in Campinas, Brazil (Funding includes airfare, medical insurance,
accommodation, and meals throughout the event)
- a 3-year postdoc fellowship in paraconsistent logic at University of
Otago and University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Enjoy this hot winter edition !
Jean-Yves Beziau
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