Logic, Spatial Algorithms and Visual Reasoning / Logics in Fungal Mycelium Networks, LUW Nov 30 at 4pm CET

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The next  LUW (Logica Universalis Webinar)  session will be  Nov 30 at 4pm

Speaker: Andrew Adamatzky
Title:  Logics in Fungal Mycelium Networks
Abstract:  The living mycelium networks are capable of efficient sensorial
fusion over very large areas and distributed decision making. The
information processing in the mycelium networks is implemented via
propagation of electrical and chemical signals en pair with morphological
changes in the mycelium structure. These information processing mechanisms
are manifested in experimental laboratory findings that show that the
mycelium networks exhibit rich dynamics of neuron-like spiking behaviour
and a wide range of non-linear electrical properties. On an example of a
single real colony of Aspergillus niger, we demonstrate that the non-linear
transformation of electrical signals and trains of extracellular voltage
spikes can be used to implement logical gates and circuits. The approaches
adopted include numerical modelling of excitation propagation on the
mycelium network, representation of the mycelium network as a resistive and
capacitive network and an experimental laboratory study on mining logical
circuits in mycelium bound composites.
Presentation of the special issue of LU including this paper edited by
Andrew Schumann and  Jens Lemanski
"Logic, Spatial Algorithms and Visual Reasoning"
Everybody is welcome to join:

Jean-Yves Beziau,
Editor-in-Chief LU and Organizer of LUW
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