Russell on G?del; Re: Odifreddi: Godel's proof of the existence of God (FOM Digest, Vol 239, Issue 13)

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at
Mon Nov 21 12:43:52 EST 2022

Alexander Lemberg wrote:
> I cited the Alasdair Urquhart article because I had just come across it 
> and was interested because I hold Urquhart in high regard.
> Now that I have read the article, I enthusiastically recommend it to
> anyone on this list serve who is interested in Russell or Godel.

We seem to have drifted from the original topic of discussion, but I 
second the recommendation of Urquhart's article. I mentioned it when the 
topic came up on the Philosophy StackExchange some years ago.

Urquhart also briefly commented on the topic here on FOM, back in 2010.

> can anyone suggest what I can do to prevent my computer from introducing 
> unwanted characters, as shown in the rendering of the text below? Thanks

I believe that this is an artifact of some of the old software used the by 
server. The surest solution is to make sure you only use plain ASCII text, 
so no diacritics, "smart quotes" or "smart apostrophes", en dashes or em 
dashes, etc. Typing only a single space (instead of two spaces) after a 
period may also help.

Tim Chow

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