Odifreddi: Godel's proof of the existence of God

Yu Li yu.li at u-picardie.fr
Mon Nov 14 06:07:16 EST 2022

Dear colleagues,

The proof of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem has been challenged since 
its publication, which is compiled by John W. Dawson Jr. in his article 
«  The reception of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems » ([1], p74-95):
- Ernst Zermelo stated in a letter to Gödel in 1931 that Gödel’s proof 
of the existence of undecidable propositions exhibits an « essential gap » ;
- The logician Chaïm Perelman asserted that Gödel had in fact discovered 
an antinomy.
- Wittgenstein’s well-known comments on Gödel’s theorem appear in 
« Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics (1938) ».
- Bertrand Russell expressed his profound confusion in a letter to Leon 
Henkin : I realised, of course, that Gödel’s work is of fundamental 
importance, but I was puzzled by it. […] If a given set of axioms leads 
to a contradiction, it is clear that at least one of the axioms must be 

There is also the yet-to-be-recognized proof of Entscheidungsproblem 
proposed by Alan Turing in his paper (1936) [2], where Turing alluded to 
the errors made by Gödel without mentioning his name and ventured to fix 

The malaise caused by Gödel's proof has been continuously explored in 
the humanities  [3-6], even in the collision between the humanities and 
the natural sciences, such as the " Sokal's hoax" instigated by the 
physicist Sokal [7]; the questioning of Gödel's proof from the 
perspective of human knowledge by the anthropologist Paul Jorion [8], …...

Reference :
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