Exposition of the proof of independence of CH

Serafim Batzoglou serafim.batzoglou at gmail.com
Thu May 26 14:55:32 EDT 2022

I recently wrote the following exposition on the proof of independence of


I would greatly appreciate any comments / feedback, as well as suggestions
as to what to do with the manuscript. I plan to post it on arXiv once I
make some further edits.

In writing this, I was partially motivated by Timothy Chow's excellent
exposition where he calls this an "open exposition problem". Mine follows
closely Nik Weaver's presentation "Forcing for Mathematicians", which I
found incredibly helpful for self study. I also introduce elements from
Smullyan and Fitting (2010), and compared to Weaver's presentation I aim to
make the subject more intuitive to the non-specialist. As a result my
exposition is considerably longer and more conversational.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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