Explosion and Cut Necessary

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Gosh, Jo, you must therefore have proved that Classical Logic itself is inconsistent. (Core Logic is a proper subsystem of Classical Logic.)

Old-timers on this list might recall Eduard Wette's claim that classical propositional logic becomes inconsistent as soon as it has 10^(10^10) propositional variables. At one LMPS conference I attended, Dana Scott told Wette to 'put up or shut up'. Wette calmly replied that his proof was documented in 36 hours of video presentations available from his research institute in Bonn.

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Eduard Wilhelm Wette (February 4, 1925 — 2009), German mathematician | World Biographical Encyclopedia<https://prabook.com/web/eduard_wilhelm.wette/249594>
Eduard Wilhelm Wette, German mathematician. Recipient prize Bonn University, 1968. With 405 Regiment, 1944-1945. Member Association Symbolic Logic, American Mathematical Society, mathematics Association American, History of Science Society, New York Academy of Sciences, Centro Superiore di Logica e Scienze Comparate.

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Le 20/05/2022 à 04:12, Harvey Friedman wrote:
> So what do we learn from Core Logic?

I don't know, because the paraconsistency claim makes Core logic
inconsistent, as I prove it in this note just published here:


I do not see fallacy in this proof.

Comments are welcome, of course.

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