Metamathematics Track at 2022 Wolfram Summer School

Stephen Wolfram s.wolfram at
Fri May 20 17:22:26 EDT 2022

We've just announced a Metamathematics Track at our Summer School this year July 3--July 22

The Summer School has been running every year since 2003 and boasts many distinguished alumni :)

It's a 3-week school where every student does an original project (which often turns into one or several papers)
(see e.g. ).

The Summer School is intended mainly for late undergraduates through postdocs, though we've had high-school students, professors and professionals.  

It's being held this year in hybrid form.  We strongly encourage physical attendance, which this year will be in Illinois (usually it's in the Boston area).

If you want to do empirical metamathematics , or study our recent work on physicalization of metamathematics this is the place to come!

There's a huge range of possible projects; a few conceivable directions include:
Understanding the topology of proof space using experimental and theoretical methods
Understanding dualities in mathematics on the basis of empirical metamathematics
Studying the structure of metamathematical space for particular theories
Characterizing physicalized metamathematics using category theory
Understanding the hierarchy of hyperruliads

But in general we pride ourselves on suggesting projects which are excellent matches for students (and, yes, between our whole Summer School and High-School Summer Camp, I personally do this >130 times per year :) ) 

We added a Fundamental Physics Track (based on ) in 2020.
We're expecting a lively inaugural Metamathematics Track this year.

--- Stephen

Note: if you have relevant students, please do encourage them to apply.

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