BCS-FACS evening seminar, 24 June 2022: Alan Turing at 110 - and at Oxford!

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*Hybrid event: Alan Turing at 110 - and at Oxford!*
This hybrid talk celebrates the 110th anniversary of Alan Turing and also
explores recent research on his connections with Oxford.
Further information and free registration (online and at the BCS London


Jonathan Bowen, London South Bank University

17:15 - Physical and online networking for attendees
18:00 - Talk
19:00 - Questions
19:15-20:30 - Networking

Alan Turing's centenary was widely celebrated in 2012. It is now 110 years
since Turing's birth. This talk explores some developments with respect to
Turing, especially in the last decade. In particular, it presents some
recent research on Turing's connections with Oxford, the speaker's home

Turing is well-known for his work at Cambridge, Bletchley Park, and
Manchester, but there has been little evidence of his visiting Oxford.
Turing arguably wrote the first formal methods paper on program proving and
much later Oxford has been a major research hub for formal methods,
initially through the leadership of Christopher Strachey, a colleague of
Turing at Manchester, and the founder of the Programming Research Group at
About the speaker

Jonathan Bowen, FBCS FRSA, is an Emeritus Professor at London South Bank
University, where he was Professor of Computing from 2000, and Chairman of
Museophile Limited in Oxford (founded in 2002).

His main research interest has been in formal methods, especially the Z
notation, but with wider computer science interests in software engineering
and the history of computing.

He has held previous positions at Imperial College London, the Programming
Research Group at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, and the
University of Reading. Starting in 2002, he has been Chair of the BCS-FACS
Specialist Group. He co-organized a centenary celebration for Alan Turing
at Oxford in 2012 and his books include "The Turing Guide" (Oxford
University Press, 2017). He is a Life Fellow of the BCS and the Royal
Society of Arts.

Jonathan Bowen's personal page <https://sites.google.com/site/jpbowen/>

Article: "Alan Turing and Oxford
Resurrection: The Journal of the Computing Conservation Society, No. 97,
pp. 11-18, Spring 2022.
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