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I am improving and strengthening the motivation of Tangible Incompleteness
from Core Mathematics beyond 936: Stable Maximality/Tangible

and will be reporting on this soon. I'm now calling this Embedded

But now I just posted


79. Strict Reverse Mathematics, 6/21/22, 15 pages.

This is the revised lecture notes for the talk delivered 6/14/22 at the
Workshop on Reverse Mathematics and its Philosophy, June 13-17, 2022,
Paris, France.SRM062122Paris’

I discussed the base theory for Countable SRM and the base theory for
Finite SRM. Also how SRM differs from RM and how I see the development of
SRM springing off of the base theories.

I stopped short getting into the SRM of real numbers. It appears that the
RM and SRM of even very basic real analysis is something that has not
really been gone into systematically, with much left to clarify both in RM
and in SRM.

Already there are several ways to even set up the reals that I'm not sure
have been explored deeply enough.

1. Reals as certain sets/functions in and between basic countable sets
(such as omega,Q). Equality is identity. Primary examples are left cuts,
and base n expansions not ending in all n-1. Infinite sequences of reals
are taken literally, using the standard flattening into a sets/functions
between basic countable sets. (such as omega,Q).

2. Reals as in 1 except equality is an appropriate equivalence relation.
Infinite sequences handled the same way as in 1. The conventional RM
approach is in this category, with explicit convergence estimates. An
alternative is merely Cauchy sequences.

3. Reals are taken as primitive - an SRM approach, over base theory ETF in
lecture note 78. Various systems of strictly mathematical theorems are
investigated. Equality is the identity.

1,2 can be pursued as a kind of countable combinatorics over omega,Q, of
course different than the usual countable combinatorics heavily
investigated in RM in that the field operations on Q play such a crucial
role. I expect 3 to break some entirely new ground in various respects.


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