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Next Wednesday, June 15  at 16h CET we will have the next session of the
Logica Universalis Webinar.
It is about the book
"Logic in Question - Talks from the Annual Sorbonne Logic Workshop (2011-
published in the book series Studies in Universal Logic (SUL)

This book is related to the Workshop "Logic in Question" organized every
Spring at the Sorbonne in Paris since 2011
In this workshop all aspects of logic are discussed and we already had
talks by a great variety of speakers from all over the world
The present book collects not all the talks, but a good number of them. It
is a 750-page book including 38  papers such as:
- "What Is “Ancient Chinese Logic?" by  Guo Zhenzhen
- "Frege’s Silence About Bolzano" by Jan Sebestik
- "The Relevance Logic Programme: Failed or Just Stalled?" by  David
- "Contributions of Logical Analysis for Mathematics Education" by  Viviane
- "Back and Forth in Positive Logic", by Bruno Poizat and Aibat Yeshkeyev
to quote just a few.
This session of the  webinar will be chaired by Razvan Diaconescu, member
of the editorial board of SUL.

There will be a general presentation of the workshop and the book and then
a talk corresponding to one chapter of the book:
- "The Place and Value of Logic in Louis Couturat’s Philosophical Thinking"
by Anne-Françoise Schmid

Louis Couturat was born January 17, 1868 and died August 3 1914.
His world Logic Day Number is therefore B+3
"A confirmed pacifist, he was killed when his car was hit by a car carrying
orders for the mobilization of the French Army, in the first stage of World
War I."
He proposed the word "Logistique"  (Logistics) to name modern logic. He was
close to Bertarnd Russell.

The correspondence between Couturat and Russell, the most important
scientific correspondence of Russell, dealing with all kinds of topics, was
lost under the snow in La-Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Many years later
It was edited and published by the author of the talk, Anne-Françoise Schmid
Correspondance sur la philosophie, la logique et la politique : Bertrand
Russell et Louis Couturat, 1897-1913
See here the review by Alasdair Urquhart:

Couturat  was the creator and promoter of the universal language Ido
Here is the wikipedia page about Couturat in Ido
With Léopold Léau he wrote
"Histoire de la Langue Universelle"

Couturat published the work of Leibniz on logic which was almost unknown
and wrote:
La logique de Leibniz

By Anne-Françoise Schmid (together with Oliver Schlaudt)
there is the book (also published by Birkhäuser):
Louis Couturat: The History of Modern Symbolic Logic and Other French

Within the project
the logic prize for France was named "Louis Couturat Logic Prize"

Everybody is welcome to attend the next Logica Universalis Webinar
Register here:

Jean-Yves Beziau
Organizer of the Logica Universalis Webinar
Series Editor Studies in Universal Logic
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