Shannon's information theory and foundations of mathematics

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I find it more interesting that the idea of someone’s worldview being something having Shannon entropy goes unchallenged.  
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Dennis wrote:
It seems to me that we are confusing a syntactic notion of information (as defined by Shannon) and a semantic one in the informal/popular senses of ?information? and ?disinformation.?  Perhaps the best demonstration of the distinction is the employment of cryptographic ciphers that are semantic-preserving for those with knowledge of the keys, whether informative or disinformative, and something Shannon was keen about.
It depends on which kind of disinformation we are talking about. I would like to share my classification:
Disinformation by Confusion: Agent Eve tries to convince Alice that P is just as likely to be true as false. In this case, disinformation is the process of increasing Shannon's entropy in Alice's worldview with respect to P.

Disinformation by Recruitment: Agent Eve tries to convince Alice that P is not P. In this case, there is a Shannon entropy reduction in Alice's worldview with respect to P.
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