Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP) 2023: Call for Participation

Steve Zdancewic stevez at seas.upenn.edu
Mon Dec 5 17:00:28 EST 2022

*** Call for Participation ***

*** Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP) 2023 ***

  - Early registration deadline: 16 December 2022

  - Registration: https://popl23.sigplan.org/attending/registration

  - Further reduced student participation fee: see below

  - Accommodation: Boston Park Plaza

Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP) is an international conference on
practical and theoretical topics in all areas that consider formal
verification and certification as an essential paradigm for their
work. CPP spans areas of computer science, mathematics, logic, and

CPP 2023 (https://popl23.sigplan.org/home/CPP-2023) will be held on
16-17 January 2023 and will be co-located with POPL 2023. CPP 2023 is
sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN, in cooperation with ACM SIGLOG, and
supported by a diverse set of industrial sponsors.
Similarly to other events collocated with POPL 2023, CPP will take
place as an in-person event at Boston Park Plaza, and will require
attendees to provide proof of vaccination (details will be available
soon). Virtual participation via Airmeet will also be available; look for
updated information about that option on the POPL web site.

For more information about this edition and the CPP series, please
visit https://popl23.sigplan.org/home/CPP-2023

### Invited Speakers

* Sandrine Blazy, University of Rennes and IRISA
* Cezary Kaliszyk, University of Innsbruck

### Accepted papers

The list of accepted papers is available at

### Subsidized student registration

To facilitate in-person participation, CPP 2023 offers the opportunity 
to waive
the registration fees for those that are in need of financial support to 
the conference. This support is particularly aimed at undergraduate and 
students, postdocs, and those from marginalized groups.

If you wish to apply for support you may do so by sending an email to 
the CPP
conference co-chairs (Dmitriy Traytel and Robbert Krebbers, see below 
for their
email addresses), with a brief description of your situation. The 
deadline for
applications is 11 December 2022, 23:59 AoE. Notifications will be sent 
out at
most two days later; hence, those who cannot be supported will still 
have the
opportunity to register with the regular early registration fee before 16
December. Applications arriving after 11 December will be considered only if
additional budget is remaining.

CPP's student support is made possible by our generous industrial 

### Contact

For any questions please contact the chairs:

Steve Zdancewic <stevez at seas.upenn.edu> (PC co-chair)
Brigitte Pientka <bpientka at cs.mcgill.ca> (PC co-chair)
Robbert Krebbers <mail at robbertkrebbers.nl> (conference co-chair)
Dmitriy Traytel <traytel at di.ku.dk> (conference co-chair)

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