Logical Perspectives 2022: Open Lectures

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Mon Dec 5 10:13:57 EST 2022

Dear FOMers,

The Logical Perspectives event series aims at bringing together
distinguished logicians to present their perspectives on the future of the
field and to discuss major open problems. In particular, it includes a
series of purely online events, called Open Lectures.

The first edition <https://lp2020.mi-ras.ru/open_lectures/> of the Open
Lectures was held back in 2020. The *second edition*
<https://lp2022.mi-ras.ru/> will be held on

December 15, 2022. It will include two lectures, which are intended for a
broad audience, and there will be ample time for discussion after each


December 15 (Thursday)

16:00–17:10 (UTC+3 Moscow) — Johann A. Makowsky: Model theory in computer
science: My own recurrent themes

18:00–19:10 (UTC+3 Moscow) — Boris Zilber: On the unreasonable
effectiveness of logic


In order to receive login information and attend the event, please fill in
the registration form at the webpage:



Lev Beklemishev & Stanislav Speranski
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