[Call for Papers] KRITERION SI on the set-theoretic multiverse

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Special Issue ``10 Years in the Multiverse: Reflections and perspectives 
for the set-theoretic multiverse''
KRITERION - Journal of Philosophy
Guest Editor: Matteo de Ceglie (University of Salzburg)

**Presentation *

This is a call for papers for a KRITERION special issue, following this 
year's conference in Salzburg on the same topic. The set-theoretic 
multiverse has been both philosophically and mathematically explored for 
10 years. Ten years ago, Hamkins (2012) changed the landscape of the 
foundations of mathematics, by introducing a novel conception that tried 
to clarify some ambiguous notions in current set theoretic practice. In 
particular, he provided a revolutionary interpretation for the practice 
of forcing: a multiverse of different set-theoretic universes. Such an 
idea immediately sparked an intense debate in the philosophy of set 
theory and the foundations of mathematics. The aim of this special issue 
is to explore and assess this first decade in the set-theoretic 
multiverse, as well as proposing new research avenues for the next one. 
We invite philosophers and/or mathematicians to explore recent 
developments and assess the renewed relevance of the set-theoretic 
multiverse, either as
  a philosophical object of study or a mathematical tool. Topics of 
interest include, but are not limited to the following ones:

- New set-theoretic multiverse characterisations, both from the 
mathematical and philosophical perspective;
- New arguments in favour and against of both the set-theoretic 
multiverse and the single universe perspective;
- New mathematical results in neighbouring areas, like the modal logic 
of forcing, set-theoretic geology, etc.;
- Novel criticism and assessment of set-theoretic multiverses already 
proposed in the literature;
- General arguments on the debate between universism and multiversism;
- The set-theoreotic multiverse and the foundations of mathematics.

**Practical Information *

The special issue will include papers presented at the related workshop 
in Salzburg 
on the same topic (both from invited and selected speakers), as well as 
original submissions. All papers will undergo double-blind peer-review.

The papers should be submitted through ScholarOne Editorial Manager 
(https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/kriterion), by selecting ``Special 
Issue: 10 Years in Multiverse'' as the article type.

The papers should not be longer than 8000 words (ca 20 pages) including 
notes and references. Submissions should include a title page containing 
the author information as well as the paper's abstract and keywords.

Formatting instructions can be found 
there:https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/krt/html#submit (under 
``Guidelines for Authors'').
*__*Deadline for submission: March. 31, 2023. *_

For more information, please contact Matteo de Ceglie 
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