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Dear MList Members,

As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and War we are very aware that many researchers had difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with abstract-proposals, productions and deadlines during ordinary times. Thus, at your convenience, kindly below we are following up on a reminder to submit the second call for papers mainly-concerning the Part III only of this special scientific project-volume (Springer Book Series, see below) related to ''Historical Analysis/Perspectives'' and ''Science in Society (including Teaching/Education)'' on the subject Nanoscience & Nanotechnologies into the History. Please see below. Thank you, let us try to stand, resist, and stay safe. 



  * Title: Nanoscience & Nanotechnologies. Critical Problems, Science in Society, Historical Perspectives
  * Twofold (Main) Subject: 1) ''Nanoscience & Nanotechnologies'' 2) ''Historical Analysis/Perspectives'' and ''Science in Society (including Teaching/Education)''.
  * Guest Editor: Raffaele Pisano (IEMN, Lille University, France) 
  * Email/Info: raffaele.pisano at
  * Springer Book Series: Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences: 
  * Rationale, Contents & Criteria, Mainly: Nanoscience has been exploring new modelling and new devices in the Applied Sciences & Technologies at the boundaries of Health/Life Sciences, Structures, NanoMachines, Computational, Communications, Environmental, Materials/Hybrid, closing the gap in Society towards a sustainable civilization. Feynman's Plenty of Room (1959; 1964) heritage opened a new Science in Society debate: how can we handle the applications––and––implications of Nanoscience? What is the human factor in the 21st century? This collected volume aims at both the state of the art in the field (few disciplinary scientific state of-the-art works) and the corresponding research–discussion of the exciting developments in nanoscience technologies, including historical and societal aspects. For the first time, in a unique volume, it brings together cutting–edge essays, both disciplinary and historical–epistemological, by leading authoritative scholars in the field. This book’s composition makes for absorbing reading for scientists, historians and science & society in context scholar. Covid works are welcome. 
  * Foreword: by a distinguished scholar in the field
  * Preface: by a distinguished scholar in the field
  * Acknowledgements
  * Remarks for Reader
  * Introduction: by Guest Editor
  * Part I. Nanosciences in disciplinary scientific contexts: Biology, Physics, Electronics engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Chemistry, Cutting edge research––advancements & the State–of the–Art, etc. Scientific ordinary works, Covid works are welcome.
  * Part II. Nanoscience & Nanotechnologies in interdisciplinary contexts: Physics & Engineering; Chemistry & Physics; Biology etc.; Healthcare et Med, etc.; Life Sciences; Mathematical Physics, Covid applied works are welcome, etc. Scientific ordinary works, Covid works are welcome. 
  * Part III. Nanoscience & Nanotechnologies in cultural/intellectual contexts: History of Science & Technologies/History of Physics/History, Philosophy and epistemology of science/Historical epistemology of science/Historiography of Physics-Mathematics/Foundations of Science; Science in Society/Nature of Science Teaching etc.
  * References
  * Index
  * Editing: Author Guidelines/Template. In order to receive the Template [not necessary to write abstract–proposal, see below], please write to: raffaele.pisano at
  * Language: English [eventual original non–English language should be moved in the footnotes. In this case, English translation in the running text is required only]
  * Outcome expected: by 2025
  * Fees: No
  * Criteria/Peer Review: all submitted papers, which meet the criteria of originality and quality, will be Peer–Reviewed for the publication. The papers are expected to be revised (in the contents, editing and English) prior to submission. The papers not adequately written according to editing-guidelines, or finally far from project's aims as presented in its Call, even if its abstract-proposal were regularly accepted, they can be finally rejected by editor. Thus, as usual, the papers will be peer-reviewed. It is up to guest editor and his organizing team, and then by Springer. This will be declared in Remarks for Reader, as well. For, final paper can be accepted, accepted by minor/major revision or rejected. 

  * Abstract: (in English) very short abstract-proposal, by 2022, June 15th [Free editing, no Template, Two Pages Maximum, including the following order: Name and Surname, Affiliation, Abstract, Key words, Short list of References; by an attachment PDF file only]. Please send it to: raffaele.pisano at 
  * Full (edited) paper submission: by 2023, January 15th

Please do not hesitate to write me back for further info. 

Thank You for Reading and re-Spreading | My Apologies for Cross-Posting 

Stay Safe 

Best Regards

Raffaele Pisano 


Raffaele Pisano, PhD, HDR 
Physicist, Full Professor in History of Physics | History of Science | Mechanics | Electricity 
Head of History of Physics and Applied Science & Technologies Team (HOPAST) 
IEMN, Department of Physics, Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology 
Lille University | UMR CNRS 8520 | Room 149 | 
Cité scientifique | Avenue Poincaré CS 60069 | 59652 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, FRANCE

Raffaele Pisano, PhD, HDR 
Physicists, Full Professor in History of Physics, Mechanics 
Head of History of Physics and Applied Science & Technologies Team (HOPAST) 
IEMN, Department of Physics, Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology 
Lille University | UMR CNRS 8520 | Room 149 | 
Cité scientifique | Avenue Poincaré CS 60069 | 59652 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, FRANCE 
Office: +33 3 20.19.7971 | French Mobile: +33 6 | Italian Mobile: +39 339 31.64.592 
raffaele.pisano at |Homepage: 
2019- Elected Member of COREI, UdL 
2017- Elected President of the IDTC-Inter-divisional Teaching Commission (DLMPST/DHST/IUHPST) 
2019. Visiting Professor, HPS School, University of Sydney, Australia 
2018. Visiting Professor, CPNSS, London School of Economics, UK 
Past PR-Officer (2006-2012) The European Society for the History of Science 
Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture: "The Breaking of a Paradigm: Mechanics to Thermodynamics" 
(2017, Portland University, USA) 
3rd International Summer School for Sciences, HPS, Applied Science & Technology, Education 
Recent Books 
Pisano R, Coopersmith J, Peacke M (2020) Essay on Machines in General (1786). Text, Translations and Commentaries. Lazare Carnot's Mechanics. Vol.1.Springer 
Gillispie CC, Pisano R (2014) Lazare and Sadi Carnot. A Scientific and Filial Relationship. Springer. 
Pisano R, Capecchi D (2015) Tartaglia’s Science of Weights and Mechanics in the Sixteenth Century. Selections from Quesiti et inventioni diverse: Books VII–VIII. 
Pisano R, Agassi J, Drozdova D (2017) (eds) Hypotheses and Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science. Homage to Alexandre Koyré 1892-1964. 
Pisano R, Fichant M, Bussotti P, Oliveira A (2017) (eds) The Dialogue between Sciences, Philosophy and Engineering. Homage to Gottfried W. Leibniz 1646-1716. London College Publications 
Pisano R (ed) (2015) A Bridge between Conceptual Frameworks. Sciences, Society and Technology Studies. 
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"Thought does not respect national frontiers. Yet scientific ideas are far from stateless citizens". (Thackray, A. 1970. Atoms and Powers. Cambridge MA: The Harvard Univ. Press, p. 4, line 4). 
"Audentes fortuna iuvat" (Vergilius, Æneis, X, 284) 
"Per aspera ad astra" (Cicero, De natura deorum III, 40; Vergilius, Æneis, IX, 641; Seneca, Hercules furens, II, 437-441) 
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