LUW Nov 17, 4pm CET / Correspondence Analysis for Some Fragments of Classical Propositional Logic

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Mon Nov 15 14:02:23 EST 2021

The next Logica Universalis Webinar session will take place next
Wednesday,  Nov 17, at 4pm CET with the talk
 "Correspondence Analysis for Some Fragments of Classical Propositional
by Yaroslav Petrukhin (University of Łódź, Poland) and Vasilyi Shangin
(Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

Abstract: We apply Kooi and Tamminga’s correspondence analysis (that has
been previously applied to some notable three- and four-valued logics) to
some conventional and functionally incomplete fragments of classical
propositional logic. In particular, the paper deals with the implication,
disjunction, and negation fragments. Additionally, we consider an
application of correspondence analysis to some connectiveless fragment with
certain basic properties of the logical consequence relation only. As a
result of the application, one obtains a sound and complete natural
deduction system for any binary extension of each fragment in question.
With the focus on exclusive disjunction we comparatively study the proposed
systems. Finally, we discuss Segerberg’s systems for connectiveless and
negation fragments and compare them with our systems.

To attend, register here:

Best Wishes
Jean-Yves Beziau
Organizer of the Logica Universalis Webinar
President of Logica Universalis Association
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