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Trends in Logic XXI, Frontiers of connexive logic: Call for
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                                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

              Trends in Logic XXI, Frontiers of connexive logic

              December 6-8, 2021, Bochum, Germany (hybrid format)


The 21st Trends in Logic international conference will be held at Ruhr
University Bochum, Germany, from December 6-December 8, 2021 under the
title “Frontiers of connexive logic”. Modern connexive logic started
in the 1960s with seminal papers by Richard B. Angell and Storrs
McCall. Connexive logics are orthogonal to classical logic insofar as
they validate certain non-theorems of classical logic, namely

Aristotle's Theses: ~(~A => A), ~(A => ~A)
Boethius' Theses: (A => B)=> ~(A => ~B), (A => ~B) => ~(A => B)

Systems of connexive logic have been motivated by considerations on a
content connection between the antecedent and succedent of valid
implications and by applications that range from Aristotle's
syllogistic to Categorial Grammar and the study of causal
implications. Surveys of connexive logic can be found in:

S. McCall, "A History of Connexivity", in D.M. Gabbay et al. (eds.),
Handbook of the History of Logic. Volume 11. Logic: A History of its
Central Concepts, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2012, pp. 415-449.

H. Wansing, "Connexive Logic", in Edward N. Zalta (ed.), The Stanford
Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2020 Edition).


Full program is available on

Invited Speakers

• Paul Egré (Paris)
• Andrea Iacona (Turin)
• Marko Malink (New York)
• Jacek Malinowski (Warsaw)
• Edwin Mares (Wellington)
• George Metcalfe (Bern)
• Sergei P. Odintsov (Novosibirsk)
• Francesco Paoli (Cagliari)
• Niki Pfeifer (Regensburg)
• Claudio Pizzi (Siena)
• Hans Rott (Regensburg)


Registration to Trends in Logic XXI is free, although it is mandatory
to register for the conference. To register, please complete the
registration form at

The registration deadline for on-site participation is Nov. 19.
The registration deadline for online participation is Dec. 3.

PC/OC Chairs

• Hitoshi Omori (RUB, Germany)
• Heinrich Wansing (RUB, Germany)


For general questions, please send emails to
trendsinlogicxxi [at] rub [dot] de


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