Where should I send my paper to?

Chuyu Xiong chuyux99 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 23:38:44 EDT 2021

Dear All,

I would like to ask for help. I do not know where to send my recent paper
for publishing. Can you give me some advice?

Why would I ask this question? Well, let me explain.

In recent years, I am interested in Learning Machine. I focus on this
question: How can a machine learn following a mechanical rule (simple and
fixed rules), without any human intervention? Trying to understand
mechanical learning, I wrote my thoughts in several papers, and put them in
arxiv. In Jan. 2020, I wrote this paper: "Sampling and Learning for Boolean
Function" (Jan. 2020), link:

One major result is: Learning complexity is equivalent to circuit
complexity. After this result, I eventually realized that this result could
be used to study computational complexity, specially, to be used to give
the lower bound. So, I choose the number partition problem as the working
problem, and apply the method on it. I got this result: the lower bound of
the computational complexity of the partition function, as well as the
lower bound of the computational complexity of the number partition
problem, is exponential to the size of the problem. I put this into the
paper "Sampling and Complexity of Partition Function" (Feb. 2021), link:

I would like to have people to review and criticise the article. But I have
this trouble: I have left the academic world for many years, and I do not
know which journal I should send my article to.

If you could manage some time to review and criticise, that will be great.

Thanks a lot.

Chuyu Xiong
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