1st Logic and Religion Webinar, July 22 at 4 pm CET

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Wed Jul 21 06:54:54 EDT 2021

We are launching a new monthly webinar, part of the  LOGIC & RELIGION
The first session - see below - will be a general discussion of the
project with members of the board of the newborn LARA (Logic And Religion
Association). Everybody is welcome to attend.
This project started with a 1st World Congress on Logic and Religion
(WoCoLoR) in João Pessoa (Brazil) in 2015, then there was a 2nd WoCoLoR in
Warsaw (Poland) in 2017.
Famous scholars such as Dov Gabbay, Michael Heller (Templeton Prize), Saul
Kripke (Schock Prize) , Laurent Lafforgue (Fields Medals), Jan Wolenski
took part.
The 3rd WoCoLoR has been postponed due to the pandemic.
It will take place  in Varanasi (India)  in November 2022.
Meanwhile the project will evolve through a webinar featuring topics such
as  Proofs of Existence or Nonexistence of God, Scientism, Contradiction
and God, Logic of Paradise, Love and Irrationality.
Jean-Yves Beziau
Vice-President of LARA
July 22, 2021, 4 pm CET

What contribution can logic as an academic field provide to the
philosophical reflection on God and religion? Could this contribution
extend to other dimensions of the study of religion, such as the sociology
and anthropology of religion? Can logic contribute to bringing religion
closer to rationality?

On the other hand, in what sense can religion bring new insights to the
study and development of logic? Can we talk about Logic and Religion as a
new field of research? If so, what is peculiar about this field that
differentiates it from other areas of research, both in terms of
methodology and object of study?  Is it a multidisciplinary,
 interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research field?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this opening
session of the Logic and Religion Webinar. It will be facilitated by
members of the LARA's Boards and will have the participation of many of the
academics who have been involved in LARA's conferences and publications. We
hope to have a lively and exciting discussion.
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