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Dear Colleagues

See below the message I received a couple of days ago from the  wife of
John Corcoran.
John Corcoran was a good friend of Alfred Tarski and he prepared a long
introduction to the 2nd edition of the collection of Tarski's papers
"Logic, Semantics and Metamathematics" (papers from his time in Poland):
Tarski liked very much this introduction, thinking that Corcoran had been
able to connect all his research interests/works.

Thanks to Corcoran we have the posthumous publication of Tarski's famous
piece "What are logical notions?".
I recently wrote a paper about this piece:
"The Mystery of the Fifth Logical Notion- (Alice in the Wonderful Land of
Logical Notions)"
I was in touch with Corcoran about that and he helped me to improve the

In 2015 I invited him to give a tutorial on Aristotle at the
5th Universal Logic School - Istanbul - June 20-24, 2015.

I recently wrote to him to invite him to take part in the welcome ceremony
of the 3rd edition of the World Logic Day
but did not receive a reply ...

I intend to publish a book (collection of papers) dedicated to him in the
book series
Studies in Universal Logic (Birkäuser/Springer-Nature)
Everybody is welcome to submit a paper until May 31, 2021, to be sent to
sul at

Best Wishes
Jean-Yves Beziau
Founder and Editor of Studies in Universal Logic

De : Lynn Corcoran

Dear Jean-Yves

I write to you with sad news. John passed away on Friday, January 8.

As I was going through his recent emails, I saw your posting of World Logic
Day tomorrow, January 14.  I’m sure you are very busy at the moment, but if
it would be possible to announce John’s death, please do so.

Before he died, John had asked me to notify you and to tell you how much he
appreciated your friendship, as well as your enthusiastic and imaginative
support of logic. He greatly enjoyed his participation in the conference
you organized in Istanbul.  I accompanied him on that trip and it was a
wonderful experience for both of us.

John became ill suddenly with a blood infection.  Aggressive antibiotic
treatment over the next two weeks was not successful. He entered hospice,
where he received the care of extraordinary people.

Until the day he became ill, he was working on new papers and abstracts,
supervising new translations of some of his papers into Arabic, Turkish,
Spanish and German, and as always, mentoring young scholars via email.  He
lived a long and happy life, fully engaged in this world.

In keeping with John’s long-standing wishes, there will be no funeral or
memorial service.

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