New paper on P vs NP

Lew Gordeew lew.gordeew at
Mon Jan 4 07:57:52 EST 2021

Zitat von "Timothy Y. Chow" <tchow at>:

> Lew Gordeew wrote:
>> I conclude that CLIQUE(k^4,k) is not solvable by polynomial-size  
>> Boolean circuits, and hence P is not NP. The entire proof is  
>> formalizable by standard methods in the exponential function  
>> arithmetic EFA.
> Can your proof be formalized in S_2^2?  If so, does that mean that  
> strong pseudorandom number generators do not exist?  And if so, can  
> you break the RSA cryptosystem?  That would certainly get people's  
> attention.
> Tim

No, I don't see how to seriously weaken EFA. Sorry.


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