872: Structural Proof Theory/4

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 22:38:20 EST 2021

I will now start to offer up a NEW KIND OF PROOF SYSTEM for elementary
number theory in PA made practical for this purpose.

There will be the pure logic component which stays within first order
predicate calculus with equality, and with the usual hierarchical
definition facility.

HOWEVER, we are also allowed to, part, of the definition facility,
INTRODUCE NEW FUNCTIONS AND RELATIONS not only explicitly as usual,
but also implicitly like PRIMITIVE RECURSIVE FUNCTION SYMBOLS. Only we
allow a much more flexible framework for the introduction of functions
and relations. Namely

1. Introduction of functions and relations by recursion on the natural
numbers. Primitive recursion is a special case, and we know that it
can be awkward.
2. Allow partially defined such. The functions are still defined
everywhere, but the functions and relations might not be PINNED DOWN
everywhere. LIke I may not care what the function does at 0, or I may
care only what the function does at even numbers. I.e., I could
introduce HALF by HALF(2n) = n, when I don't care what HALF(35) is.

I just want some greater flexibility because I want BEAUTIFUL
ABSOLUTELY RIGOROUS TEXT for elementary number theory that is

Now WHAT ARE THE RULES OF PROOF? In order to shock you I will go super

RULE 1. Define the relation or function F or R by blah blah blah.
RULE 2. Apply induction to blah blah blah with induction variable blah.
RULE 3. Apply such and such previous statements using the TERMS blah blah blah.

At each stage, run in the background, state of the art proof
assistants to see if everything is fully rigorous as planned.

And this can be used for MATH ED.

This idea is so clean that it should be able to drive SEMIFORMAL
investigations by hand. And with the TECH at your side, verify that
the TECH is filling in all of the details as we intend. Maybe you gave
the wrong term? Or maybe you didn't give all of the crucial terms? AND
IT IS REQUIRED THAT on the basis of these RULES, you are staying
totally within the usual first order predicate calculus with equality.

NOTE: Induction is the usual go from n to n+1. But we all know that
course of values induction is derived BUT very useful to have. So

RULE 2a. Apply course of values induction to blah blah blah with
induction variable blah.

Also maybe something needs to be said concerning UNRAVELLING
DEFINITIONS. We all know cases where we definitely NEED to unravel a
definition, only going so far though, certainly not all the way down
to primitive notation. We all know cases where we don't want to
unravel at all. I think we need

RULE 4. UNRAVEL blah blah and blah.

where it is assumed that you don't unravel unless you say to unravel.

Because of Course of Values, I have chosen to add < to the language
with the obvious axiom. DETAILS starting this SEMIFORMAL study will
begin in the next posting, SPT/5.


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Harvey Friedman

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