865: Structural Mapping Theory/3

Timothy Y. Chow tchow at math.princeton.edu
Sat Feb 13 00:44:39 EST 2021

Mikhail Katz wrote:

> 3. Admittedly a dilettante in foundations, I am puzzled by your
>    postulation of set theory as currently the only clear foundation.
>    As you probably know, many in category theory think that they possess
>    clearer foundations.  It seems to me that stating your opinion more
>    forcefully than usual is not going to convince many people.

This topic has been debated many times on FOM, e.g., in November 1997, 
when several people chimed in, including McLarty and Feferman.  Here's a 
post by Torkel Franzen that straightens out some of the confusions that 
sometimes plague the discussion.


I'm not optimistic that debating the topic again on FOM will shed any new 
light, but if people want to try, carefully reviewing the posts from 
November 1997 might be a good starting point.


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