Results about logics that were new with proof systems other than sequent calculus

Revantha Ramanayake revantha at
Fri Aug 27 12:23:26 EDT 2021

Dear colleagues,

Many new results and new insights about classical and non-classical logics have been obtained using the sequent calculus, e.g. Gentzen's consistency argument; interpolation; decidability, complexity; etc.

I would like to identify results and insights *about logics* that were *new*, and that were obtained using proof systems---other than the sequent calculus---that utilised some notion of analyticity / a restriction of proof space such as the subformula property. I am interested across all logics and all sorts of proof systems like hypersequent, nested, labelled, display, proof nets, deep inference based. Here I am viewing a logic as a set of formulas.

I would be pleased to see your thoughts and references ! You could comment on my post at the The Proof Theory Blog (link below), reply here, or write to me directly.

Best wishes,

Revantha Ramanayake
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