843: Brand New Tangible Incompleteness/1

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 22:50:53 EDT 2020

There have been several breakthrough ideas in various directions since
the New Tangible Incompleteness/1-4 series, 1/11/20 - 1/15/20.

There is a very natural mapping from Q^k into Q^k called the upper N
shift, UNS:Q^k into Q^k. UNS(x) is obtained by adding 1 to all
nonnegative integer coordinates of x that are greater than all
fractional coordinates of x.

We have thought for some time about using UNS for Tangible
Incompleteness. However, it did not seem to be rich enough to really
work for the reversals. HOWEVER, now we see how to use it more

We use UNS in the following way: S containedin Q[-n,n]^k is completely
UNS invariant if and only if for all x,UNS(x) in Q[-n,n]^k, x in S iff
UNS(x) in S.

Note that here we are using Q[-n,n]^k as the ambient space for S.

BRAND NEW. Every order invariant subset of Q[-n,n]^2k contains a
completely UNS invariant maximal square.

THEOREM. Brand New is implicitly Pi01 via the Goedel Completeness
Theorem. Brand New is provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over WKL_0.

Now for the explicitly Pi01 form.

Let S containedin Q^k The N trace of S is obtained from S by replacing
all coordinates of elements of S that are not in N by -1.

We say that S is a weakly maximal square in E containedin Q[-n,n]^2k
if and only if there is no square S' in E containing S with a more
inclusive N trace than S.

BRAND NEW FINITE. Every order invariant subset of Q[-n,n]^2k contains
a completely UNS invariant finite weakly maximal square.

THEOREM. Brand New Finite is provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over RCA_0.

There is an easy a priori upper bound on the size of the finite
square. This combined with quantifier elimination for (Q,<) puts Brand
New Finite in explicitly Pi01 form.


For gifted high school we still use emulators and avoid maximal
squares. Maximal emulators in two dimensions are special cases of
maximal squares in four dimensions where the side is in two
dimensions. So we use maximal emulators in two dimensions for gifted
high school.

For gifted high school we mostly use the space Q[-1,1]^2. Invariance
with respect to UNS in this space can be given by the three clauses

1. (0,0) in S iff (1,1) in S.
2. For p < 0, (p,0) in S iff (p,1) in S.
3. For p < 0, (0,p) in S iff (1,p) in S.

The gifted high schoolers can now pretty well understand this form of
tangible incompleteness:

BRAND NEW HIGH SCHOOL. Every finite subset of Q[-n,n]^k has a
completely UNS invariant maximal emulator.

UNS invariance can be understood by at least the better of the gifted
high schoolers.


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Harvey Friedman

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