7th World Congress on the Square of Opposition, Leuven, Belgium, Sept 2020

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Fri Mar 20 07:15:34 EDT 2020

Sept 16-20, 2020  will take place in Leuven, Belgium, the
World Congress on the Square of Opposition

This will be the 7th world congress organized around the square of
opposition after very successful previous editions in Montreux, Switzerland
2007; Corté, Corsica 2010; Beirut, Lebanon 2012; Vatican, 2014; Easter
Island, 2016, Crete, 2018.

This is an interdisciplinary event on the theory of opposition gathering
logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, semioticians, theologians,
cognitivists, artists and computer scientists.

This theory was initiated by Aristotle. It is based on three notions of
opposition: contradiction, contrariety, subcontrariety. It took first the
shape of a square but was further developed in many other geometrical
shapes, in particular a hexagon, promoted by Robert Blanché

Deadline for submitting an abstract is April, 20, 2020
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