Specializing a Generalized Cook's Conjecture

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Tue Jun 16 16:09:04 EDT 2020


In previous posts I have considered a specialization of Cook's Conjecture.
In my thesis I mentioned a generalization of Cook's conjecture.
A new manuscript
  ``Specializing a Generalized Cook's Conjecture''
is available at

Following is the abstract.
  Cook's conjecture may be generalized.  The generalized conjecture has
  specializations of interest.  Various facts regarding this topic are
  presented.  A conjecture is made which implies P$\neq$NP.  Some special
  cases of this conjecture are stated, one of which is the conjecture of
  \cite{Do20c},\cite{Do20d} on the specialization for EF.  Finally, some
  further remarks on the the latter case are made.

Martin Dowd

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